A&S FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD is not just bankers, we are builders. We provide smart financing and we are the world leading financial instruments in assisting economic goals. We specialized in BG, SBLC, LC , Non collateral loan, project finance, confirm able Bank Draft and other financial instruments from AAA rated bank (Prime Banks). A&S FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD benefit from the global know -how and expertise of A&S FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD around the world, we are helping our customers to invest more, to sell more with greater efficiency any bank can help you finance  because we are JUST A&S FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD


A&S FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD invest our time and effort to make sure your company is establish effectively in finance funding.We understand the important and future of our clients and do everything to make needs successful measure our achievement by the progress of our clients and handle their financial projects like ours.


our knowledge  and strategies are uniquely reflected by your needs. Our experts have the knowledge to advise our you in every steps to achieve progress, also A&S FINANCIAL SERVICES  seek out innovative solutions to encourage the growth and achievements you desire.


We understand that business can be precarious in these uncertain times, but we are here to assit you every step of the way. Our staff has been through similar professional situations and can relate to your process. we have all owned business and our experience spans the globe.


  • Acquisitions
  • Brokers and consultants 
  • Commercial Bonds
  • Consultant
  • Country Delegations Brokers licenses
  • Leased Bank Draft
  • Leased Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • Leased Bank Guarantee (BG) Monetization
  • Leased Bank Proof of Funds (POF)
  • Leased MT103 one way
  • Leased Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)
  • Leased Standby Letter of Credit Monetzation 
  • Long Term Note (LTN) Monetization
  • Mid Term Note (MTN) Monetization
  • Offshore Bank Account Openings
  • Owned Bank Draft Monetization
  • Owned Bank Guarantee (BG) Monetization
  • Owned Blocked Funds Monetization
  • Owned Standby Letter of Credit Monetization
  • Recourse and Non Recourse Loan Calculator LTV
  • Purchase Owned Bank Draft
  • Purchase Owned MT103 one way
  • Purchase Owned Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)